Staff Spotlight: David Rieck

David Rieck, President Crown Hill Foundation and Crown Hill Cemetery

In 2023, we highlighted some of our great volunteers. For just a bit of 2024, we thought we would give shoutouts to our staff of both the Foundation and the Cemetery. This month we highlight David Rieck, Cemetery President and President of the Crown Hill foundation.

David was born in Downingtown, PA, but grew up in Indianapolis. He spent years working in the foundation community before coming to the Crown Hill Foundation six years ago.

David Rieck with his son (R) and classmate when their class attended a field trip to Crown Hill in 2023.

As President of the Crown Hill Foundation, David oversees all of the functions of the foundation. The mission of the foundation is to preserve and celebrate Crown Hill Cemetery. To meet this mission, we offer many tours and events, host numerous school field trips and educational programming, raise the funds needed and manage historic preservation projects, protect and enhance the cemetery’s natural beauty as an accredited arboretum, maintain much of the cemetery’s historical records and so much more! David feels fortunate enough to have an amazing staff that do a phenomenal job with managing and executing all of this, as well as a dedicated group of volunteers who are passionate about history, nature and education.

To no one’s surprise, the crown is his favorite spot in the cemetery. While the view is one-of-a-kind, the reason it is his favorite is a beautiful monument that sits off to the side of the crown. The monument is a recreation of Michelangelo’s Pieta, and it is stunning. Personally, that image has a deep meaning for David, and he has a picture of this tombstone hanging in his house.

Outside of work, David’s three boys and all of their activities keep him busy, but David finds time to exercise, play golf, travel, and coach soccer. That soccer thing, that is what sits on David’s bucket list. While some might not consider them historic landmarks, he would love to visit the soccer stadiums in England and watch Premier League games. Although, historically speaking, Rome is at the top of his list to visit and take in all the history, art and architecture that is there.

For David, his greatest accomplishment thus far has been the raising of his three boys. However, professionally, David finds joy watching the foundation evolve over the last six years into what it is today. He is so proud of the staff, their creativity, energy and commitment to making a positive impact on our community and showing others the asset that Crown Hill is to our city and state.