Racing Legends Tour

To start your personalized tour, follow the steps below:

  1. To add this app to your iOS Device homescreen, click on and “add to homescreen”.
  2. Mapping functions are only available while visiting Crown Hill Cemetery. Upon arrival at the Cemetery, please click “allow location” after opening the app. You now appear on the map as a blue dot. (Note: If the “allow location” window does not appear after opening the app, or you don’t see the blue dot on your map, be sure location permissions have been granted in the phone settings for your browser.)
  3. You may visit the grave sites in any order desired. After clicking the Create Tour button below, add or subtract locations by clicking the “+” or “-” symbols.
  4. Once selections are made, click on the Generate Tour button to begin and your selections will appear on the map.
  5. Select Satellite mode on the map. The map can be made larger, smaller, or moved by pinching and moving using two fingers.
  6. Navigate to each location you have chosen by driving or walking. The blue dot will move as you move. By clicking on the red markers on the map you can see a photo of the monument or headstone for the person you’re seeking.
  7. Hit the Back button at the top to return to the selection screen.
  8. Note: When leaving and returning to the app, the blue “location” dot may freeze. Please press the “back” button, then the “generate tour” button to reactivate the dot.
  9. To submit feedback please fill out the contact form here.
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