Private Family Mausoleums

Beginning with the construction of the Caleb Blood Smith private family mausoleum in 1864, there have been 57 of these beautiful structures erected at Crown Hill. The last two were built in 1970 and 1989 by the Voight family and Bane family, respectively.

The private mausoleum for Caleb Blood Smith is thought to be the first such structure erected in Marion County. Smith served in President Lincoln’s cabinet as Secretary of the Interior. Upon his death in January 1864, he was buried at Greenlawn Cemetery and was later moved to the City Cemetery in Connersville, but that has never been confirmed. Records indicate that his wife, daughter and other relatives are entombed in his mausoleum.

Private family mausoleums contain crypts or niches, and many have stained glass windows. Many are quite ornate inside and out, and some feature beautiful bronze doors and statuary.

Private Family Mausoleums


  • Building a private family mausoleum today would cost more than building a house.
  • This map shows the locations of all 57 private family mausoleums at Crown Hill. It also includes a key that indicates the date each one was built.