Severin Mausoleum

The name Severin is a familiar one in Indianapolis as Henry Severin built his hotel (now known as the Omni Severin) in downtown Indianapolis across the street from Union Station.  In 1913, with the help of Indianapolis Motor Speedway founders Carl Fisher and James Allison, the hotel was designed by the architectural firm Vonnegut and Bohn (who also designed the cemetery’s Sentry House). Interesting side note, the Severin Hotel was listed in The Negro Motorist Green Book noting it as a location where African Americans could stay when visiting the city.

Restored in 2023, the Severin Mausoleum was designed in 1896. The first entombment was in 1897; the last of 10 burials was in 1945. At that time, the mausoleum door was sealed.

Working with Head Construction out of Dallas, TX, the Crown Hill Foundation staff chose the Severin Mausoleum because of its immediate need to stop water infiltration through the roof, joints, and foundation. The damaged roof had moved significantly; while temporary fixes have been put in place to stop the movement, proper repair is needed to protect the structure. The hole created by the roof movement caused the interior of the structure to suffer from water infiltration.  This preservation on this mausoleum included resetting the roof, cleaning the stone structure, re-caulk missing mortar, cleaning the interior marble, re-secure the sagging marble ceiling, repairing and cleaning damaged stained glass window, sealing interior joints, and restoring the door lock and key. The before and after of this mausoleum is amazing.  The cleaned floor revealed a marble, mosaic tile, while the rehabilitated doors show off the travertine stone.