Cunningham Family Mausoleum

Established in 1888 and restored in 2022, this small mausoleum is unique in size and shape. Created for the family of Dr. Henry S. and Carrie Cunningham, it has two burials within the structure. The restoration work included cleaning and regrouting all joints, repairing roof issues, and replacing the door. The marble slab that covered the front of the mausoleum had deteriorated, so it was replaced with a new stone and the original carvings were carved back into the stone. The rear of the mausoleum was the access point for the vaults. It had a rusted door that was not secure. This door was replaced with an exact replica. When we removed this door, we were able to see inside the vault, which had carved angel motifs and several grave goods like a flower vase, a coin, and Dr. Cunningham’s medical licenses. All of these artifacts were cleaned and placed back into the mausoleum.