Caleb Blood Smith Mausoleum

Restored in 2020 (exterior) and 2022 (interior), the C. B. (Caleb Blood) Smith Mausoleum, constructed in 1864, was the first family mausoleum built at Crown Hill Cemetery.  C. B. Smith served as Secretary of Interior in President Abraham Lincoln’s Cabinet.

The sandstone mausoleum featuring Egyptian symbolism is located in Section 5 near the gravesite of Sarah Bolton and across the road from English Circle.  The mausoleum was cleaned, caulked, and tuck-pointed in 2020 and the interior was restored in 2022. Included is a new door with a window to view the interior that was installed in place of the original door, which was placed inside the mausoleum.

Caleb Blood Smith is not entombed in the C. B. Smith Mausoleum.  His exact burial site was always a mystery and remains so today.

A legacy gift from the G. Carl Huber Trust helped make the preservation of the C. B. Smith Mausoleum possible.