Preservation Contractors

Richard and James Head are our go-to guys when it comes to the preservation of our family mausoleums, complex fixes, or sensitive needs. These brothers from Texas have become a summer staple at the cemetery. They started their careers working with bronze restoration and refinishing along with statuary and architectural bronze preservation and conservation.

Richard and James Head in front of the Vice President Thomas Marshall Family Mausoleum, which they restored in 2021.

That turned into stonework since bronze frequently is adhered to stones. They also were fabricating and constructing stone pieces (monuments, fountains, building facades, sinks, etc.). This moved to some historic preservation pieces. Richard and his brother James would work with local cemeteries to help them with stone preservation that has turned into a nearly 30-year career. They restored eight family mausoleums at Crown Hill, the Beveridge Stone, and the statue on the Crown, which previously was on the County Courthouse before demolition.

James Head working on the interior of the Caleb blood Smith Family Mausoleum. Photo courtesy Marty Davis.

When asked what they like most, Richard said he values the collaboration with the clients — the museums, family members, municipalities or cemeteries who worked so hard to raise the funds to get the work done right. With it being Historic Preservation Month, we find no two guys better to highlight, and thank, than the Head brothers. Visit their work next time you visit the site.

Richard Head working on the joint restoration of the Caleb blood Smith Family Mausoleum. Photo courtesy Marty Davis.