Lucy Ann Seaton

The first person buried at Crown Hill Cemetery. Lucy Ann Seaton died at the tender age of 33 from tuberculosis. Her funeral took place on June 2, 1864, just two days after the cemetery opened.

The Seaton family was relatively new to Indianapolis when Lucy died. Because they didn’t know many people in the area, Lucy’s husband John, a Civil War Union Captain, submitted a notice of her death to the local newspaper at the time. The notice read: “The first burial at Crown Hill Cemetery will take place today (June 2, 1864). The husband of the deceased is a gentleman of high standing, and he is a stranger to this city. We hope his invitation to the public to join in the funeral exercises will be accepted by a goodly number.”

Out of respect for the honorable captain, hundreds of locals gathered to give their condolences. Sadly, the Seaton’s daughter, who was also named Lucy, was buried four months after her mother passed.

“Lucy, God grant I may meet you in heaven.” — Captain John Seaton


Visiting Mrs. Seaton’s grave is a fitting introduction to Crown Hill Cemetery. Although her monument is deteriorating a bit due to its marble structure, it still stands tall as a beautiful piece of local history.

Here are a few more facts about this memorial for the “first lady of Crown Hill.”

  • Seaton’s monument is marked with a carving of a weeping willow tree — a symbol of sorrow and mourning.
  • Only a few of the thousands of graves in the cemetery bear this symbol.
  • Approximately 200 people attended Mrs. Seaton’s funeral.