Letter from the President – July 2020

Through these uncertain times, it may be difficult to believe we are in the process of making history. But we are. And while documenting the unique historical moment we are in right now is important, so is the preservation of the many historical moments that have come before.

That is why we maintain our mission to preserve and celebrate the architectural, cultural and natural heritage of the city’s oldest urban green space, Crown Hill Cemetery.

Though Foundation tours and events may be cancelled, there are many ways you can connect and stay engaged through our website — including downloadable exercise maps to bring with you to our grounds, self-guided and virtual tours of our most popular Crown Hill sites, many educational resources and, in the future, access to a smartphone app to take your own self-guided tours. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and visit our YouTube channel to learn interesting facts about the cemetery and those who are buried there.

We are also moving forward with our historical preservation projects planned for this year. We are currently in the process of preserving and restoring two of our oldest mausoleums, Caleb Blood Smith and Vice President Thomas Marshall.

While we may be providing resources in a different way, we are still working to preserve, restore and educate — restoring iconic monuments and precious artwork; enhancing the cemetery’s natural beauty through tree plantings and landscape preservation; and celebrating the history of our city, state and country.

Thank you for your continued support of our mission to preserve and celebrate Crown Hill Cemetery.

David Rieck, President
Crown Hill Foundation