Learn About the Cucumber Tree Magnolia

Cucumber Tree Magnolia Magnolia acuminata is a native medium-to-large canopy tree from the magnolia family that includes other natives such as big leaf magnolia, umbrella magnolia and the tulip tree.

These trees are not commonly found in urban landscapes, but there are a few wonderful specimens in the landscape at Crown Hill Cemetery.

Their unique blue-green leaves and beautiful architecture and branching patterns hold an attractive presence in the landscape all year round while their lime green showy flowers support pollinators in late spring/early summer. The cucumber-shaped fruits, per their namesake, are interesting features that ripen in September. Both of these features separate them from most other large canopy trees that have inconspicuous flowers and hard mast (fruits). These trees have a pale yellow fall color that isn’t considered showy but makes a beautiful accompaniment to some of our more colorful trees in autumn.

These trees are a unique feature we hope to continue to showcase and cultivate along with all of the Indiana native magnolias at Crown Hill Cemetery Arboretum.