Janet Payne Bowles


While in Boston studying psychology, the course of Bowles’ life changed during a walk.

“I heard an orchestral tone, which was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. I traced it to a young Russian metalworker. I stayed and helped and watched. We made a bargain. I was to teach him psychology and he would teach me metalsmithing.” She became a leading Arts and Crafts metalsmith and jeweler, exhibiting extensively and winning numerous awards worldwide. Newfields Art Museum has 126 of her metalsmithing artworks in its collection. She returned to Indianapolis in 1912, children in tow after a divorce, and taught at Shortridge H.S. for 28 years.

Burial: Section 3, Lot 28; GPS (39.8171160,-86.1732904)

Ref: http://collection.imamuseum.org/results.html?query=janet+payne+bowles+(american,+1876-1948)