Fall Foliage at Crown Hill

October is a favorite month for many Crown Hill visitors, as our trees turn a variety of brilliant colors. Nature offers up some of her best work in the fall! This year, we created a beautiful new color Tree Map with 52 tagged trees.

While the cemetery has countless amazing trees that stand out in the fall, a few tagged trees to watch for their dramatic color are the Sugar Maple (Tree #4), Red Maple (Tree #22), and Ginkgo (Tree #52). Of course, the three Dawn Redwoods (Tree #3), and Larch (Tree #24) are interesting because they’re deciduous conifers whose needles (leaves) turn color and drop like other deciduous trees. And be sure to check out the many tagged trees dropping their nuts right now: the great variety of oak trees, hickories, pecans, walnuts and horse chestnuts. The Tree Map is available at either entrance or on our website.

There’s also a box of maps next to the tagged Yellowwood (Tree #1) in front of the Gothic Chapel.

You can support the Crown Hill Tree Program by planting or adopting a tree, or by establishing an endowment fund in memory of a loved one.