Trees in Need

With more than 4,100 inventoried trees featuring 130 distinct species, Crown Hill makes up a significant portion of Indianapolis’ urban forest. These trees provide an oasis of calm in a bustling urban setting where visitors can experience the beauty, power and mysteries of nature.

While all of our trees require annual care, our arborist has identified unique specimens that are in need of special care to ensure they survive. By supporting Crown Hill’s Trees in Need, you ensure that some of our most prized trees can be enjoyed by many for years to come.

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Trees in Need

  • American Beech

    The American Beech tree is an iconic species in North America. Identified by its smooth gray bark and deep green foliage that transition to copper as summer transitions to fall. In one of the oldest sections in the cemetery, one of these trees has been identified as needing immediate care including crown cleaning, clearance pruning, […]

  • Cucumber Magnolia

    Crown Hill is home to one of the largest collections of Cucumber Magnolia trees in the state. Known for their large stature and beautiful yellow flowers that bloom in late April, the Cucumber Magnolia is an essential part of the cemetery’s collection and a threatened species. The arborist has identified three of these beautiful trees […]

  • European Weeping Beech

    The European Weeping Beech tree is an iconic cemetery species and botanical specimen. Known for its cascading form and burgundy foliage, the cemetery’s European Weeping Beech trees are some of the oldest trees on the grounds. Two have been identified in need of immediate care including dead wooding, crown cleaning, clearance pruning, soil de-compaction, and […]

  • Swamp White Oak

    The Swamp White Oak is identified by its vase-shaped canopy and low growing, sweeping limbs, giving it a unique character. One of a handful on site has been identified in need of care including dead wooding, canopy inspection and redirection pruning. Donate to Trees in Need Today!