Sweat It Out

You're invited to visit and enjoy the beauty of Crown Hill, not only as a cemetery visitor, but also to exercise. We offer many opportunities to move about through the programs we offer, but you're also welcome to visit any time our gates are open to walk, run, or bike. Children in strollers and friendly dogs on leashes are also welcome. (Please curb your dogs.) We ask that you always remember that Crown Hill is private property and an active cemetery. It is not a public park. Thank you in advance for being respectful.  

Feel free to download & print the routes below. Please note that you can start anywhere along the routes. Some of the routes are easy (short and flat), while others are more challenging. The routes which take you to the top of the Crown are challenging because the hill is steep, but the amazing view is more than worth the hike! If you want to do a route but feel that you need to skip the Crown, just deduct .25 miles from your total.

0.51 Mile Walking Route - Short and easy route by the Gothic Chapel
0.95 Mile Walking Route - From the Gothic Chapel to the Crown & back
1.00 Mile Walking Route - Easy route on the north grounds
1.45 Mile Walking Route - 
Easy route on the north grounds 
2.05 Mile Walking Route - Starts at 34th St., includes Gothic Chapel
2.47 Mile Walking Route - Starts at 34th St., goes by Dillinger's grave
3.03 Mile Walking Route - Nice 5K route with hills, including the Crown
4.15 Mile Walking Route - Perimeter route with the Crown
5.00 Mile Walking Route 
- Perimeter route with the Crown, plus some
6.05 Mile Walking Route - Most challenging route but fun to do

Note: these route maps titled "Crown Hill Walking Club." We don't currently have a walking club but you're certainly welcome to begin your own! Please use our maps regardless! 

In addition to the ten maps above, you're welcome to create your own route map for running or walking, or you can download theses other route maps we've created, which include a 5K route map [PDF] and this online interactive 5K route map currently used for the annual Beyond the Badge 5K Run / Walk for teams and individuals that's held each September and is pictured here. Hundreds of runners and walkers join us for this great event every September. You can also download our 3-mile and 5-mile route maps. You can also check out this Google Map of Crown Hill with lots of interesting locations marked. 

For those who want to explore all of the 25-miles of roads at Crown Hill, there's a great resource for creating your own walking or running route and it's called the Google's Gmap Pedometer. (All the maps on this page were created with Google's Pedometer.) With this tool you can create endless maps within Crown Hill and calculate mileage (or kilometers). Please note for this to work within Crown Hill you'll need to click on the "Satellite" feature. To get started, just type in one of our addresses in the "Jump to" box and zoom in!

Crown Hill Cemetery
700 West 38th St.
3402 Boulevard Place
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Cyclists are always welcome to enjoy riding on our many miles of roads as long as the following rules are followed:

  • You must not exceed the 23 mph speed limit
  • You must wear a helmet
  • You must always respect the privacy of all. Avoid funerals and those visiting grave sites
  • You must also always yield to pedestrians, vehicles, and wildlife (look out for deer!)
  • Riding up the Crown is permitted only if exiting to the left (north) as you descend. 
  • "Time trials" and "racing" are never permitted 
  • Be careful and safe!

All sections within Crown Hill have green section number signs which correspond with the sections numbers on the map. There are also small boulders on many section corners with section numbers. We have a yellow and a white line painted on the two main drives through Crown Hill. The yellow line connects both gates (38th St. & 34th St.) directly and the white line connects the gates via the longer, scenic route which includes President Harrison's memorial, the Crown (at the base), the National Cemetery, the Gothic Chapel, etc. 

There are restrooms located in the Community Mausoleum on the north grounds: the Women's is downstairs or upstairs on the left and the Men's is downstairs or upstairs on the right. There are also restrooms located on the south grounds behind the Gothic Chapel. Restrooms are open during regular office hours. 



We offer both Public and Private Group Walking Tours, and most all cover about one mile in ninety minutes, which is a comfortable pace for most people. In addition to walking a mile, most tour participants will have the opportunity to walk up to the top of "the Crown," the highest hill in Indianapolis at 842.21 ft. From this incredible vantage point, visitors can see a 360-degree panoramic view of the entire Indianapolis skyline.

We offer Public walking tours on the second, third, and fourth weekends of the month from Memorial Day through early November. Please check out our Calendar of Tours & Events for dates, times, place to meet and the tour topic. Private Group Walking Tours can be scheduled for any time and any day except holidays and at the availability of a tour guide. The fees for both types of walking tours is $5 for adults, $4 for seniors and $3 for students. Private Group Walking Tours have a minimum fee of $50 per tour and must be scheduled in advance. Please visit our Best of Indy Tour Section for more information.

In addition to the public and private group walking tours we offer, we also have several Self-guided Walking Tour routes available. These routes include several historical tours and two tree tours. The Historical Tour routes are included in our five-dollar history book, Memories of the Past: A Tour of Historic Crown Hill Cemetery, which can be purchased at our main office or can be ordered with our History Book Order Form [PDF]. Our two self-guided Tree Tours are both on our free Tree Map, which also available at the main office or they can be downloaded as a PDF file below. The Tree Maps include two walking tour routes as well as the location of 107 species of trees, each marked with a sign corresponding to a number on the map as well as the scientific and common names.

Tree Maps, Tree Tours, & Tag Info [PDF]

Crown Hill is an active cemetery and thousands of people come here each year to attend funerals, visit the graves of their loved ones, and attend events. When you notice cemetery visitors we ask that you respect the needs and privacy of others and exercise in another location in the cemetery. Please also note that any activity done at Crown Hill Cemetery is done at your own risk.

Enjoy your visit!