Art To Behold

Crown Hill Cemetery has countless works of art depicted in sculptures, on monuments and markers, in it's stained-glass windows, historic structures, and certainly in the natural beauty of the property itself! We invite you to visit and explore Crown Hill and discover for yourself just how amazing our "collection" is! Below are several links to outside sources recognizing our many works of art as well. You can also download our Visitor's Guide & Map, which shows photos of significant places to visit, including the beautiful monument of Albertina Forrest. (Our Visitor's Guide & Map is also available at the main office or in the box by the Waiting Station front door.) 

Smithsonian Art Inventories Catalog of Crown Hill sculptures, monuments, etc.
List of Public Art in Crown Hill on Wikipedia
Images of Crown Hill (some Art) on the Library of Congress website

The beautiful Sayles Family monument on Section 29 is one of many amazing monuments and statues in Crown Hill. Approximately 30 are of angels. We encourage you to visit Crown Hill, walk or drive around, and discover the many works of art that span over 150 years. 

The Marott Family Mausoleum features one of two lions guarding its entrance. The mausoleum features Egyptian symbolism over the door and a stained glass window inside that has a pyramid. (Peek through the front door.) It's located on the southeast corner of Section 51.