Heroes of Public Safety

Soldier letting dove go free at memorial.

Family, community leaders, citizens, and Crown Hill joined together to create the Heroes of Public Safety Memorial in response to the tragic loss of life on September 11th, 2001 followed six days later by the death of Marion County Sheriff's Deputy Jason M. Baker who was killed in the line of duty.

The memorial dedicated on September 14th, 2002 is a tribute to Indiana's public safety officers and their families. A granite slab walk leads to the Romanesque 12' by 14' monument marking the entrance to the memorial. Indiana public safety professionals killed in the line of duty are memorialized on the walk surrounding the Heroes of Public Safety Memorial.

An exclusive burial section for all members of the public safety community and their families surrounds the Heroes of Public Safety Memorial. Free burial space is offered to all current and retired sworn public safety professionals. Free burial space, funeral services, and all cemetery services are donated if an officer is killed in the line of duty.

The Beyond the Badge Run & Walk is held every September to thank and honor public safety professionals and to raise funds for the Jason M. Baker Public Safety Scholarship Fund. The scholarships support students pursuing a career in public safety at an Indiana college or university.

Deputy Baker shared his thoughts about September 11th with students just a few days before he himself made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. He told the students to, "have faith," "support the government at the local level," "be vigilant," "pray for national leaders," "reflect on what happens to us as a nation," and "say thanks to public safety, fire, and police personnel."

People running in the Beyond the Badge Run & Walk

Please visit the Heroes of Public Safety Memorial in Section 97 at Crown Hill Cemetery to pay your respects. Please join us at the Beyond the Badge Run & Walk in September to say thank you!

Heroes of Public Safety Memorial
Honorary Chairmen

The Honorable Frank O'Bannon
Governor, State of Indiana

The Honorable Bart Peterson
Mayor, City of Indianapolis


James A. Schellinger
President, CSO Architects Engineers & Interiors

Steering Committee

Chief Joe Anderson
President, Marion County Fire Chiefs' Association

Jerry Baker
Law Enforcement Professional and Father of Sheriff Deputy Jason Baker

Chief Jerry Barker
Chief, Indianapolis Chief of Police

Supt. Melvin Carraway
Superintendent, Indiana State Police

Sheriff Jack Cottey
Sheriff, Marion County Sheriff's Department

Chief Louis Dezelan
Chief, Indianapolis Fire Chief

Keith Norwalk
President, Crown Hill Cemetery

Danny Overley
President, Indianapolis Police Department Credit Union

SAC Robert Reilley
Special Agent in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Director Robert Turner
Director, Indianapolis Department of Public Safety


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CSO Architects Inc.
Shiel Sexton Company Inc.
Farm Bureau Insurance Co.
Cloteal V. Fletcher
The Frenzel Family
Robert J. Hagerman
Margaret M. Howie
Ice Miller
Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association
Jacques P. Le Fevre
George W. Jaynes
William K. McGowan
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