Welcome Message

We invite you to "Discover, Explore, and Experience" the wonders of Crown Hill Cemetery, both its natural beauty and its rich heritage. If you've never entered our gates before you'll be in for a huge surprise. And if you're familiar with our beautiful 555 acres you'll be surprised as well. Crown Hill Cemetery is ever-changing. Developed through the wisdom of men long ago, this cemetery is comprised of gentle rolling hills, a huge variety of mature trees, and unparalleled beauty – all situated in the heart of the city. Not to be overlooked is the biggest hill of all - Crown Hill - rising up as the highest hill in the county with a view of the Indianapolis skyline unseen anyplace else. Visitors, even frequent visitors, are taken by this 360-degree panoramic view that envelops the horizon for as far as the eye can see. It too is ever-changing. As the seasons paint their colorful beauty throughout the year, one can never tire of the variety. Crown Hill possesses one of the greatest displays of flowering trees in the spring and incredible colors as the leaves turn in the fall. And the snow that falls rests ever so gently on a quiet landscape surrounded by the hectic life of a busy city right outside our gates. You are always welcome here.